Disc Jockeying or simply DJing is an emerging career that most of the younger generations these days would choose to pursue. Probable reasons why many young children would want a career in djing is their passion for music while some believe that it guarantees a shortcut to fame. In addition, numerous radio channels are opening up from city to city, hence the rise of the need for real good disc jockeys.

DJing, because of its ever increasing art of expressing through music have opened more and more options for aspiring DJs to choose for them to learn to become one. Actually, there are numerous schools that have opened up their doors to teach DJing both in-campus and online. However, since there are more than enough schools offering DJing, choosing the best one can really be hard. To help aspiring DJs to look for the best school to learn DJ, here’s a rundown of the four top DJ schools in the world.

•    Dubspot. This DJ school has been regarded as one of the best schools in the world and offers numerous courses that allow students to find the kind of music where they are best at. The programs offered by Dubspot are specifically created to meet the needs of its students from different musical experience and backgrounds including their level of proficiency. They also offer a summer youth program for young children who wish to know how to mix and scratch. The classes they offer usually run from 20-30 minutes for lecture and at least 10 minutes of practicum. Dubspot is located in Manhattan, New York.
•    Full Sail University (FSU). Giving their students with high quality education for more than 30 years, FSU offers courses related to music, graphics designing, gaming and acting. These courses may be achieved on campus or online. With FSU, you can become a DJ in just a few months. Students of DJing are given with real-world education that uses assignments that conform with the standards set in the industry of Djing. FSU also gives assistance to their students even after they graduated from the institution. FSU is located in Winter Park, Florida.
•    Point-Blank Music College. Located in East London, Point-Blank Music College provides its students with short-term and long-term music courses. Their quality education and dedication to provide their students with the best in learning has been widely recognized worldwide. The institution has been voted six times as the Best Music and DJ Production by the T-Scan awards.
•    Scratch DJ Academy. This educational institution for DJ aspirants had opened numerous privileges to DJ students to learn more about the art of DJing. The school’s original goal was to lower down the standards required to become a professional DJ and that seemed to work for the school as it now currently holds schools in all the states of America and other countries. Their students learn from the school through its specialized workshops, giving them an area for their practice and joining them to community events. Learning is also continued at home because they also offer more tips, forums,etc. online. Scratch Academy was originally located on East Village Manhattan, New York.